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Twitter Locks Account of Investigative Journalist James O’Keefe

So much for freedom of the press!

Twitter’s up to their old tricks again, and this time, their faux-pas is blatantly anti-American.

You see, this is a nation that can only run smoothly if the First Amendment is upheld to the fullest.  This is our most basic freedom, and those who choose to do business in this nation operate under an unspoken pact to promote this liberty in all of its glory.

Apparently, Twitter didn’t get the memo. 

Social media platform Twitter has locked the accounts of both Project Veritas and James O’Keefe following a recent report relating to Facebook’s VP of Integrity, Guy Rosen. The platform claims the report violates its policy on “posting private information,” and as a result, both O’Keefe’s personal account and the official account of Project Veritas have been locked, preventing them from posting.

Twitter has locked the accounts of Project Veritas and the group’s founder James O’Keefe. The account limiting comes shortly after Project Veritas published an exposé on Facebook’s VP of Integrity, Guy Rosen. The video of Rosen is available on the Project Veritas website.

Twitter’s explanation was less than satisfactory for many:

Twitter alleges that Project Veritas and O’Keefe violated the site’s rules relating to the posting of private information. As evidence of this, Twitter quotes tweets relating to Project Veritas’ latest video on Rosen.

Veritas’ latest report relates to Rosen’s comments that Facebook “freezes” comments in places that the site’s algorithm believes “may be” hate speech.

Rosen stated in leaked audio: “We have a system that is able to freeze commenting on threads in cases where our systems are detecting that there may be a thread that has hate speech or violence…these are all things we’ve built over the past three-four years as part of our investments into the integrity space our efforts to protect the election.”

O’Keefe and Project Veritas have run afoul of Twitters’ malleable guidelines in the past, but only in instances in which the investigative journalism outfit has taken on Big Tech censorship – which the irony to end all ironies.

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