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Ukraine Whistleblower’s Attorney Used to Work for Both Chuck Schumer & Hillary Clinton

This whole “Trump-committed-treason-by-asking-the-president-of-Ukraine-for-information-on-a-political-rival” thing has gone too far.

Democrats are pushing for impeachment but they will certainly regret it.

Plus, Trump is releasing the unredacted transcript of his call with the Ukrainian leader today which will obviously show he did nothing wrong – or they wouldn’t release it!

ALSO, it was just reported that an inspector general document will show that a fake whistleblower had “political bias” against POTUS.

But wait!

There’s more…

From Daily Wire:

One of the attorneys representing the person who anonymously filed a complaint against President Donald Trump claiming Trump asked Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter has a resume that includes working for Senators Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.).

As The Federalist reports, “Andrew Bakaj, now a managing partner at the Compass Rose Legal Group, interned for Schumer in the spring of 2001 and for Clinton in the fall of the same year, according to Bakaj’s LinkedIn page.”

The Federalist notes that Bakaj’s resume also includes stints at the CIA and Pentagon and specializing in whistleblower and security clearances.

Of course Hillary Clinton is mentioned in this Trump/Ukraine story, in some form or another.

Of course, she is.

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