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ULTIMATE HUMILIATION: Russia Accidentally Bombs Its Own City

This may go down in history as one of the worst military blunder of all time.

When it comes to war, mistakes are inexcusable, yet somehow unavoidable.  The life or death nature of such conflicts require our utmost attention, and not a single life should ever be lost in vain – war or no war.  When things go awry, people can die; it’s that simple.

No one seems to be understanding this better in recent months than Russia, whose invasion of Ukraine has been a near nonstop cavalcade of calamity from the moment that Russia’s 70-year old tanks limped across the border pointed at Kyiv.

The latest error in this already-humiliating operation may be the most ridiculous Russian folly yet.

Russia’s military said one of its own fighter jets accidentally bombed a Russian city near the border with Ukraine.

An Su-34 air force plane flying over the Russian city of Belgorod had an “accidental discharge” of its payload on Thursday, according to Russia’s Defense Ministry.

The large resulting explosion created a 65-foot-wide crater in a central city street, damaging buildings and injuring three people. Belgorod Gov. Vyacheslav Gladkov said on the Telegram social messaging app that no one was killed.

The region had been used to odd shelling then and again, but this was different.

Belgorod and other border regions have come under occasional attacks during Russia’s war in Ukraine. Russia blames the strikes on Ukraine, which doesn’t claim direct responsibility for them.

But Thursday’s explosion in Belgorod — with a population of 340,000 about 20 miles from the Russia-Ukraine border — was reported to be more powerful than what residents had previously experienced.

Street camera footage posted on Telegram shows the initial impact of the bomb Thursday evening, which sent a massive fireball skyward just moments after several drivers had passed through an intersection.

Video of the incident showed a clear attempt at hitting civilian targets.

Russia is largely believed to be losing the war in Ukraine, and depleting whatever military resources they had left in the process.


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