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Upper Class Midwestern Couple Draw Guns on Protesters in Truly Strange Scene

Just when you think that 2020 wasn’t going to get any weirder…

Tensions are high on our nation, that is true beyond a shadow of a doubt.  We are being driven mad with fear at this point, with the mainstream media and our elected officials tag-teaming us with tales of horror and hatred.

Just today, Congresswoman Maxine Waters incredulously claimed that President Trump was looking to “dominate” people of color on account of his alleged belief in “white supremacy”.  It is hard to read any other meaning from that statement other than an invocation of fright.

And this happens every day.  Every evening, in prime time, of course, some talking head will try to land that soundbite that they’ve been working on all day, reciting over and over in their head, and maybe even mouthing a few times as they wait for Chris Cuomo to introduce them on-air.  If it lands, it catches a headline and drives the fear home even further.

Now, almost unbelievably, it has come to this.

A white couple who stood outside their St. Louis mansion and pointed guns at protesters who were marching toward the mayor’s home to demand her resignation support the Black Lives Matter movement and don’t want to become heroes to those who oppose the cause, their attorney said Monday.

Video posted online showed Mark McCloskey, 63, and his 61-year-old wife, Patricia, standing outside their Renaissance palazzo-style home Sunday night in the city’s well-to-do Central West End neighborhood. He could be heard yelling while holding a long-barreled gun. His wife stood next to him with a handgun.

Mark McCloskey told KMOV-TV that he and wife, who are personal injury lawyers, were facing an “angry mob” on their private street and feared for their lives Sunday night.

No charges were brought against McCloskeys. Police said they were still investigating but labeled it a case of trespassing and assault by intimidation against the couple by protesters in the racially diverse crowd.

Video of the scene looks like something out of an Adam Sandler movie.

Perhaps most alarming of all is that the woman in the video clearly has no trigger discipline, as she is one flinch away from sending rounds downrange for the entirety of the footage.

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