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US Marshals Save Dozens More Children in Ohio Days After Locating 39 Missing in GA

The brave men and women of the Marshals are putting a major dent in this degenerate industry.

Here in America, there are few things that make our blood boil like nothing else, and child trafficking is right at the top of that list.

The grim reality is that there are an untold number of children in this country who have been kidnapped, stolen, and sold into a modern form of slavery, in which they are tasked with some of the crudest and cruelest tasks that could ever be imagined.  This is an ugly mark on our modern society, and those who commit such horrid crimes have been working at it for ages.  Their crimes are so heinous that they have naturally developed a system for avoiding detection and capture, making child trafficking one of the most difficult crimes to tackle.

But, under the Trump administration’s guidance, the US Marshals are putting a dent in this degenerate industry.

“Over the weekend U.S. Marshals rescued dozens of missing children across Ohio, many of whom were being trafficked.” Gov. Mike DeWine said during a Tuesday news conference.

“Operation Safety Net” is still in its first two weeks and is ongoing, according to the Marshals Service. It’s being carried out in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies around northern Ohio.

This success comes on the heels of another major recovery operation in the south:

The news comes days after a different Marshals-led task force helped recover 39 missing children from multiple locations in Georgia during Operation Not Forgotten. That investigation led to nine arrests one more than two dozen charges.

Last year, the Marshals were responsible for recovering nearly 300 missing and exploited children, and we as a nation can only hope that this number continues to grow…at least until such a time as these task forces are rendered unnecessary.

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