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VIDEO: Fruit Snack Company Addresses Dangerous TikTok Trend

Why? Just…Why?

In a particularly well-timed lesson about the level of skepticism that is necessary to simply exist on the internet, TikTok users’ silly new stunt had a popular fruit snack company making one of those statements that you’d never thought that you’d see.

Fruit Roll-Ups, the company that makes a small rolled carpet of thin, gelatinous “fruit” snack aimed at school-aged children, recently released a statement begging their customers not to eat the plastic that the product comes packaged on.

The snack brand Fruit Roll-Ups warned people against a current TikTok trend of eating their sugary snacks, wrapper included. The warning dropped the same week TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew went into a hearing on Capitol Hill as lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle have raised security concerns about the app.

Fruit Roll-Ups felt the need to fact check one TikTok user named hollyberry09 who claimed that eating the plastic wrap with your Fruit Roll-Up is just fine.

The company’s warning was stern and unmistakable, and had all the charm of a bad lawyer.

“Fruit Roll-Ups Warns TikTokers Against Eating Plastic Wrap as Part of Trend as Lawmakers Debate Banning App,” the snack brand’s social media account posted.

The timing of the public service announcement was rather apropos.

TikTok is embroiled in controversy at the moment as lawmakers have called for bans, citing concerns with the social media app’s Chinese parent company ByteDance and has much data they may have access to from the 150 million users in the United States.

Furthermore, there are concerns that TikTok’s outgoing algorithms have been tweaked by Beijing-backed ByteDance to promote the worst of these idiotic trends in the western world, as a sort of intelligence-smothering, long-term attempt to dumb down United States.

To get a glimpse of the sad state of affairs over at TikTok, check out the video below:

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