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VIDEO: In the Midst of Pandemic, Russian Fighter Jets Intercept US Navy Aircraft


As if the world needed any more nonsense right now, the Russian military has decided that this is a good time to start harassing the American military.

Despite the cautious reopening that we’ve experienced over the course of the last few weeks, there is still a very real danger to be tackled when it comes to coronavirus.  In fact, those who take to the public life too vigorously are the real threat here, as any epidemiologist will be glad to point out.  You see, it’s the second wave of a pandemic that is often far more dangerous than the first, and without a vaccine, we are left relying on social distancing to keep our at-risk population safe.

And this a worldwide effort.  Coronavirus doesn’t not discriminate by nationality, nor does it respect borders.  There is no nation on earth that is truly safe from its wrath.

That is why the latest news from the Mediterranean is so infuriating.

A pair of Russian air-defense fighter jets buzzed a U.S. Navy patrol aircraft over the Mediterranean Sea on Tuesday in what officials called an “unsafe and unprofessional manner.”

The U.S. Navy P-8A Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft was over international waters in the eastern Mediterranean region when it was intercepted by two Russian Su-35 fighters.

Video of the incident is harrowing to say the least.

The details were unnerving.

For more than an hour, the Russian jets were on each wing of the P-8A patrol aircraft, which is based on the civilian 737 airliner. The dangerous maneuver restricted the patrol aircraft’s ability to operate in a safe manner, Navy officials said.

“The unnecessary actions of the Russian Su-35 pilots were inconsistent with good airmanship and international flight rules, and jeopardized the safety of flight of both aircraft,” Navy officials said.

Russia has repeatedly performed aggressive and harassing maneuvers in the vicinity of American aircraft over the course of the last few years, but given the global predicament that we find ourselves in today, this goes far beyond the pale.

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