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VIDEO: Kid Rock Takes (Literal) Aim at Bud Light Over New Marketing Angle

Beer advertising has long been a fairly one-dimensional situation, with swill-makers insisting their beverage will help you not only attract good-looking, single people to your pool party or beach volleyball match, but that you’ll be smiling and laughing the whole time.

Sure, every now and then we’d veer a little off-course and we’d find ourselves overdoing that “whassssuuuppppp” thing, or listening to frogs trying to “rib-bit” their way into the word “Bud-Weis-er”, but mostly we just watched happy people being happy with one another for no real reason at all.

And certainly with no hot-button political stance being made either.

But the times are a’changin’, and Bud Light’s latest foray into the politically-sensitive issues surrounding the rights of transgender people has a famous former fan lashing out in an explosive way.

Singer Kid Rock used several Bud Light cases for target practice on Monday, shooting them with a rifle in response to the news that beer maker Anheuser-Busch made a transgender woman a Bud Light spokesperson.

After destroying several dozen beers with some heavy firepower, the performer turned to the camera and declared “F— Bud Light and f— Anheuser-Busch!”

Rock’s explosive statement happened after the beer company sent a pack of Bud Light to transgender woman and activist Dylan Mulvaney with her face on it over the weekend. The biological male has been celebrating “365 Days of Girlhood,” marking each day up to a year, since undergoing her transition from male to female.

The entertainer didn’t hold his feelings back.

At the outset of the video, Rock, who was standing outside wearing a white “MAGA” hat, turned toward the camera and said, “Grandpa’s feeling a little frisky today. Let me say something to all you and be as clear and concise as possible.

The camera then immediately panned to reveal Rock holding a rifle and taking aim at several Bud Light cases laid out on a table about fifteen yards in front of him.

In an intense burst of gunfire, the musician tore through the beer cans, spraying foam and sparks everywhere. When he stopped firing, the table was drenched in beer and blue can fragments were strewn about.

The camera then panned back to Rock, who turned around, flipped the bird at the camera and said, “F— Bud Light and f— Anheuser-Busch! Have a terrific day.” The video ended with one last look at the beer can carnage he left.

Video of Kid Rock’s anti-Anheuser stunt can be seen below:


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