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VIDEO: MAGA Brawls with Antifa During Police Rally in Colorado

This is the America that the mainstream media has created.

It’s almost as if the mainstream media drew it up this way:  The MAGA movement squaring off with Antifa just 80-odd days ahead of the nation’s most contentious election in modern history.

The infotainment industry certainly shoulders some blame for this, if not a bulk of it.  This is where they have pushed Americans by consistently and cleverly dividing us into phony political teams and then stoking the fires of those differences.  They see this division and classification as an easy way for advertisers to dumb down their content for disparate audiences, and so they sell more and more commercial airtime.

It’s a scam, and we’re the victims.  We must remember that every time that a story like this one comes up on radar:

SHOCKING video shows the moment pro-police and counter-protesters got into an ugly altercation during duelling protests on the weekend.

The violence broke out during a pro-police “Back the Blue” rally in Fort Collins, Colorado, on Saturday.

A fight broke out among the groups in a ditch near Fort Collins Police Services headquarters
A fight broke out among the groups in a ditch near Fort Collins Police Services headquartersCredit: Facebook

Video shot during the event captured the moment tensions between the two groups boiled over as a group of men who apparently attended the rally approached a group of counter-protests dressed in black.

As the two groups approached a ditch, a fight broke out among the groups with people scuffling on the ground, punching each other, and spewing obscenities.

The video was simply and utterly disgraceful to see:

We can only hope and pray that the mainstream media will take ownership of what their bias is doing to this nation, and work to abolish their purposefully-incendiary marketing plan.

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