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VIDEO: Texas Woman Wrangles Possum Out of Dance Club

The saying “Don’t Mess With Texas” is not just some half-rhyming catchphrase that happened to fit nicely on cheap, vinyl bumper stickers.  It’s more akin to a threat than a tagline.  It’s a warning to those who like to visit the Lone Star State:  When things go sideways, find yourself a local.

A near-perfect example of this ethos was on full display this week, as a viral video from a dancehall in Tejas demonstrates the unflappable gumption of Texans…even after last call.

A woman easily wrangled a calm and confused possum — then carried it out of a Texas country dance hall by its tail, video shows.

“Not all heroes wear capes,” Banita Creek Hall said April 1 when sharing the video on Facebook. “Sometimes they’re a southern belle who obviously aren’t afraid of anything.”

That “southern belle” was identified by KHOU as Jessica White, who spotted the critter during closing time at the Nacogdoches bar.

In a radio interview recording she shared to TikTok, White said the bar had turned the lights on to announce one last call for drinks.

Then, as she was heading toward the front door, she noticed the possum “walking so calmly and slowly.”

Unfazed, White approached the out-of-place marsupial.

“I was like ‘I’m going to go check it out,’” she said in the interview. “He just looks a little confused.”

As she went up to the animal, she said it remained calmed — and she did, too.

“The craziest thing is I held out my hand for him to sniff like he was a dog,” White said. “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

At that point, she picked it up and “was like OK now what.”

That’s when someone began recording her as she worked to get the possum — which she described as a “chunky monkey” — to safety.

The video was certainly something to behold.

White said she was happy to help, and that the possum was placed outside next to a nearby creek.

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