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VIDEO: Unhinged Protester Throws Temper Tantrum Over Maskless DC Police Officer

As the world around us turns ever wilder, tempers are flaring to obscene degrees.  The people are crazed.  They’re loony.  They simply can’t seem to digest the amount of stress that exists around them, and they are acting out in ever stranger ways.

In politics, this phenomenon has been referred to as “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, with a great many of the President’s opponent turning to absolutely nonsensical arguments against him.

Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic still raging, this aloof angst is being redirected at anyone and everyone who doesn’t appear to spend every waking moment combatting the illness…including police officers in Washington DC.

Protesters in D.C. harassed a maskless officer during Thursday night’s demonstrations, with one protester repeatedly waving masks in front of his face, prompting the officer to grab the masks and toss them behind him.

And by “harassed”, they mean “berated”.

“Where’s your boss? … He’s not in charge. He’s too dumb to be in charge,” he said of the officer. “He doesn’t believe in [expletive] science.”

“He wants him to die. He wants him to die. He wants him to die,” the protester said, pointing in various directions. “He wants his children to die. He wants his wife to die. He won’t put his [expletive] mask on.”

“Why won’t you put one on? It’s easy. It’s easy. Here. I have a box for you. I’ll let you take one yourself,” he continued, waving the masks in his face.

“They’re free. They’re wrapped. It’s the law,” he continued.

Another protester could be heard in the background asking, “Does it make you feel like you’ve got a bigger [expletive] because you don’t have it [a mask] on?”

“Who are you protecting and serving? That little boy you go home to is going to get sick because of this,” the main protester in the video continued. “If you have a little girl, she’s going to get sick.”

“I know you don’t want mommy and daddy getting sick so take a [expletive] mask,” he said, taunting the officer and waving the masks in his face yet again.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton purportedly parroted the “lawlessness” of not wearing a mask in Washington DC as well, claiming that the final night of the RNC was illegal on account of the attendees’ naked faces.


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