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VIRAL VIDEO: Amazon Driver Strolls Through Police Standoff for Package Hand-Off

Well okay then.

We used to make a big deal out of the post office.  The Postal Service.  Not rain nor sleet nor yada yada yada, right?

Maybe this is some holdover respect that’s been inherited from The Pony Express, or maybe just a general acknowledgement of the fact that there are people out there willing to do these sorts of jobs, where everyday is some slight variation of both its predecessor and its successor.  In either case, we don’t often have a reason to complain too much about the USPS.

Amazon, FedEx, and UPS, however, get all manner of criticism on a weekly basis.  Damaged packages, misread addresses, and literal ravines filled with packages have all been a part of their collective canon for ages.

This week, however, one driver for the aforementioned Amazon delivered a rather harrowing bit of panache to the delivery industry…and there is video evidence to show for it.

One Amazon delivery driver was apparently so hellbent on doing his job that he walked through a police standoff in North Carolina, reports the Guardian. The scene unfolded in Cary, North Carolina, when the driver showed up last month and strode past several police cars and cops to make his drop. Officers eventually took the package from him, and the driver then turned to snap a photo to verify the package had been delivered. As CBS News reports, video of the scene posted on March 18 and has since gone viral, with upward of 7 million views.

Social media users were both in awe and alarmed.

“Amazon hard at work,” the woman shooting the video says. “In the midst of a standoff, he’s going to deliver his package.” Several commenters claiming to be Amazon drivers chimed in, saying their experience was make the delivery or lose your job. One commenter wrote: “More scared of Jeff Bezos than getting taken out.”

The videos were soon circulating on social media.

Commendable, surely.  Brazen?  Absolutely.

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