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Virginia Voters Hit With Mysterious ‘Misinformation Attack’ Via Cellphone

What a strange, new world we’re living in.

Modern elections are a strange thing, and getting stranger by the year.

We are no longer using stump speeches and newspaper editorials to get a good look at the candidates, prying into every nook and cranny of their inflection, or looking for sweat on the brow during questioning.

No, these days the candidates give us everything that we could ever want, served up on a number of platters platforms.  Whether it’s Trump giving us his every thought in real-time on Twitter, or Liz Warren drinking beers in her kitchen on Facebook Live, there is no more beating around the bush with our elected officials.

But this has also given rise to waves of misinformation and disinformation, crashing into our devices and feeds with aplomb.

In Virginia, it appears that at least one race has now been targeted by a coordinated misinformation attack, prompting authorities to respond.

An anonymous text message containing deceptive information about Virginia gubernatorial candidate Pete Snyder was blasted to voters’ phones Friday with less than two months to go until the state’s nominating convention to select a Republican candidate for governor.

The message framed Snyder as praising President Joe Biden, pulling out-of-context quotes Snyder made on Fox News in 2012. In reality, Snyder’s full commentary from the segment was an unequivocal condemnation of Biden for the effects his and former President Barack Obama’s policies had on the middle class during their first term in office.

A screenshot of the text message, received by a registered Virginia Republican on Friday and provided to Breitbart News, is below:

The message directs its recipient to a YouTube clip of Snyder’s Fox News appearance, but that clip cuts Snyder off after 20 seconds.

The full clip seems to refute the mystery message’s claims.

While no one has yet been officially fingered in the attack, some have suggested that Democrats or even a teachers union may have been responsible.

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