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Vladimir Putin accused of covering up nuclear disaster after two massive explosions

The notoriously secretive and irresponsible Russians are at it again, in an incident that is drawing parallels to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of the 1980’s.

The Russian government is certainly not known for their forthcoming nature, particularly when it comes to incidents that may embarrass the Kremlin.

Americans were starkly reminded of this fact thanks to the HBO miniseries Chernobyl; a mostly true tale about the incredibly devastating nuclear disaster that occurred in Pripyat, Ukraine in the 1980’s.  In the series, painstaking efforts were made to demonstrate just how irresponsible the Russian government was at the time of the event, only admitting to what had occurred after it became an undeniable catastrophe on a near-global scale.

History has a funny way of repeating itself, of course, and nuclear watchdogs are warning that a series of explosions that have occurred in Russia over the course of the last few days could be tied to yet another nuclear disaster.

Suspicions are growing today that Russia has suffered another nuclear accident after ambulances covered in protective film were seen transporting six people with serious radiation poisoning in a mystery explosion at a military base.

Alarming footage also shows men in protective clothing loading casualties into the vehicles in the wake of a blast at the Nyonoksa weapons testing site in the sub-Arctic Arkhangelsk region yesterday.

Earlier the clothes of the victims and the medics who first treated them were destroyed, it was reported, before causalities were transferred for treatment at the Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Centre in Moscow.

Moscow has thrown a veil of secrecy over the explosion, which killed two and left six injured on Thursday.

The Russian people are taking no chances.

The scale of local panic in the aftermath of the radiation spike’ incident was revealed today, as a video emerged showing the wounded being transported by helicopter to a regional hospital in Arkhangelsk.

There was ‘mass hysteria’ among residents ‘because of the radiation rumours’ reported a local radio station in Severodvinsk.

This led to a rush to buy iodine-containing medicines which quickly sold out from pharmacies.

Given the secrecy and irresponsibility of the Russian Federation, and the “save face at all costs” attitude of Vladimir Putin, it will likely be difficult to ascertain the true scope of this accident for some time.

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