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VP Mike Pence weighs in on Mexico’s role in border bedlam

Pence’s words may not sway the “resistance”, but will go a long way in recording their historically untenable position.

For years, the bells have been tolling, signaling an end to our immigration system as we know it.

America has always been the land of opportunity.  We are an enormous nation, rich with natural resources and space in which to spread civilization.  We have always been open to being the melting pot of the world, and we have told the world to send us their tired, poor, and hungry.

But we did so with the understanding that these immigrants would become part of the great patchwork of America, and we wholeheartedly applauded those who, through grit and determination, naturalized themselves and became US citizens.

At one time, illegal immigration to America was a scarcity, or, at the very least, not enough of a nuisance to truly impact our society.

Unfortunately, those days are long gone, and the borderless expanses of our southwestern desert have played host to a vast array of nefarious activity.  President Donald Trump has been focused on funneling would-be Americans into the safe, legal ports of entry, believing that a border wall would be the first step in this campaign.

The democrats have, of course, resisted this outright, if for no other reason than to resist the President himself.  Trump, for what it’s worth, has refocused his effort dutifully following this campaign of obstinance, and has put the onus on Mexico to help curb the issue under threat of tariff.

Now Vice President Mike Pence is speaking up as well, imploring our southern neighbors to do more.

“Our message to the Mexican delegation and our message to the Mexican government is: the time has come for Mexico to act decisively to work with the United States of America to assist us in enforcing our laws by enforcing their laws, by securing their border,” Vice President Pence told reporters Thursday. “We made clear to them that President [Donald] Trump is going to continue to stand firm until we bring this crisis of illegal immigration at our southern border to an end.”

“The time has come for Mexico to do more to stem the tide of illegal immigrants that are making their way north from Central American through Mexico and coming into our country. And the president has taken a strong stand,” Pence declared with a promise that the U.S. will stand firm. He said the U.S. will do so “until Mexico takes such action as is necessary to address this crisis and bring this crisis of illegal immigration at our border to an end.”

Will this added political pressure do anything to sway the delusional democrats?  Perhaps not, at least in the immediate future, but his words will stand in the historical record to illustrate just how unwilling to address the issue these liberals have been.

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