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Beto O’Rourke Claims Trump’s ‘Smirk’ Inspired El Paso Shooter

The unfathomable imbecility of this statement cannot be understated.

Beto O’Rourke has twice, perhaps thrice reinvented himself out there on the campaign trail, growing out of the visage of a youngish, skateboarding, wannabe Senator from Texas – but the Austin City Limits sort of Texas…not the fording the Rio Grande sort of Texas.

Nowadays, O’Rourke is channeling his inner teen angst, and instead of sneering and screaming along with whatever he thinks sounds like punk rock in his car, Beto is taking his dramatic drivel to the masses.  He is at his best when he is defaming the President of the United States, and so that is what he has stuck to, time and again using profanity to do so.

His latest outburst may be one of this most unfathomable yet.

While speaking with the Washington Post regarding President Trump’s immigration policies, O’Rourke had the following to say:

[Author’s warning:  Strong language ahead.]

O’Rourke said, “In Florida, in May of this year — you know the president has warned about the infestation, the invasion, the predators, the animals, dehumanizing language to talk about humans who he has placed in cages. We have lost the lives of seven children in our custody and care.  He’s telling that rally in Florida ‘what are we going to do about these people who are coming here?’ And someone yells out ‘shoot them.’ And that crowd roars in laughter and applause.”

“And the president, with that shit-eating smirk on his face, smiles and laughs in consent, giving the green light to that killer in Allen, TX, who drove 600 miles to El Paso with a AK-47, who said he was going to stop the invasion that he had been warned about by the president of the United States,” he added. “That he didn’t want to replaced as a white man in the United States of America. And when people in Charlottesville, VA, were talking about Jews, you will not replace us. President Trump said there are very fine people. If we fail to connect the dots and draw the conclusion, then we are going to die in our sleep as a country. We will lose this democracy.”

Beto O’Rourke and his vulgar brand of virtue signaling have been far from competitive during the recent stages of the 2020 election, amassing only around 2.3% of the national polling at this time.

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