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Washington Post insinuates that President Trump is a threat to national security

Can you image the uproar if a paper would have printed this assertion regarding President Obama?

We have certainly heard a whole lot of reasons why the liberal left and their mainstream media cohorts despise Donald Trump, but few criticisms of the President have been this damning.

President Trump has been called a lot of names by his political opponents:  Racist, sexist, a Russian agent….you name it.  But now, in a wildly brazen headline, the Washington Post is saying something entirely more worrisome.

The article that follows this tardy bit of democratic drivel was just as speculative and troublesome as one would imagine.

Presidents have, of course, acted inappropriately in the past, and our constitutional system has a framework in place for addressing misconduct by the chief executive. But it’s designed to deal with straightforward criminal activity, not national security threats. The special counsel regulations, for example, were created to deal with a Watergate-like situation as a worst-case scenario. So they take into account the need for an investigation insulated from political influence and give special counsels the ability to make prosecutorial decisions independently of the rest of the Justice Department or the attorney general. The rules even envision a report that might be made public.

This approach is appropriate when an investigation involves collecting evidence that can hold up in a court of law. But it is inadequate to address potentially noncriminal conduct that may nevertheless endanger the national security of the United States.

The Post continued:

In a criminal investigation, the public can get glimpses into its stages: Search warrants, subpoenas for documents and interviews of witnesses typically make it into the press. Counterintelligence investigations, though, differ in that they do not ultimately end up in a courtroom. Rather, they seek to monitor and neutralize national security threats behind the scenes, which means the public has no way of tracking their progress. And the normal ways of resolving counterintelligence threats — like blocking a compromised subject’s access to classified information — don’t work with the president, who controls what is and isn’t classified and is the ultimate consumer of the intelligence the government collects.

One can only imagine the outrage that would arise if such an accusation was made during the tenure of President Barack Obama, or even during impeached Commander in Chief Bill Clinton’s reign.

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