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WATCH: Trump supporters offer ‘free hugs’, get pelted with eggs and milkshakes instead

An all-too-familiar clan of leftist thugs was soon found to be behind the incident.

Here in the United States, we are allowed to hold a different political opinion from our compatriots.  At least that’s what the Constitution tells us.

This is the sort of liberty-laden gamble that only Americans could pull off.  Instead of decrying one another for their opinions, we see strength in the diversity of thought that is guaranteed to us by our founders.

Sure, they knew fully well that it could and would get contentious; after all, they took on the British Army in an effort to give this freedom thing a shot, which in and of itself was a quite contentious affair.

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The sort of political prejudice that we see today is nigh unprecedented, save for an ugly incident in the 1860’s, and is turning our nation into a dichotomy of politics as opposed to a wide-ranging collage of ideologies.

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Take, for instance, the absurdity of what occurred in Seattle, Washington just days ago.

Two Trump-supporting YouTubers were egged and “milkshaked” in Seattle, Washington, last week while holding a sign that read, “Free Hugs from a Trump Supporter.”

YouTubers Saleem Juma and Dion Thompson were egged and milkshaked in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle last week while wearing red “Make America Great Again” hats, and holding a sign that read, “Free Hugs from a Trump Supporter.” The incident was caught on video.

“The entire idea behind something like a free hug sign is to bridge the political gap,” said Juma to Breitbart News. “We also wanted to show that Trump supporters are not what the mainstream media depict us to be.”

Leave it to the radical left to turn this kind gesture into a partisan battlefield.

An all-too-familiar clan of leftist thugs was soon found to be behind the incident.

Thompson told Breitbart News that he and Juma went to the Capitol Hill neighborhood with their MAGA hats and “free hugs” sign to create a “man on the street” video, as the two typically engage in lighthearted social experiments for their YouTube channel.

“We got there and we basically thought this was going to be a feel-good video, but no sooner than ten or twenty minutes later, [Antifa members] started throwing eggs at us,” said Thompson. “This only shows how far the left has gone in our state, and it’s absolutely appalling.”

“These Antifa groups will attack anybody, and that video shows that they’re even willing to attack someone that’s not conservative,” added Thompson of the bystander who was also seen being egged on video, “They’re willing to attack anybody.”

If the radical left’s “resistance” isn’t careful, they are going to spark something far more damaging, and far less fleeting, than a few soy-boys slinging milkshakes and eggs.

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