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Well-Known Journalist Implores Mitch McConnell to Force Trump to Resign

I wouldn’t hold your breath, pal.

The attacks being leveled against Donald Trump these days are growing more ridiculous by the minute.

We are less that three months away from the 2020 election – a heated affair, mind you – and the left side of the aisle is now lobbing a maddening number of bizarre epithets in the direction of the White House, hoping to quash Trump’s reelection chances.  They’ve called him a racist, a sexist, a Russian stooge…you name it.

They’ve even begun suggesting that Trump should simply resign from office.

Journalist Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame recently appeared on CNN to discuss Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, and ended up making this very bold suggestion:

His message has not been this is out of control. He has been told by those closest to him. But what we see is that once again, as throughout his presidency, he has no ability or interest in the welfare of the United States as a people, as an entity. And he’s much more interested, for instance, when you look at relations with Vladimir Putin of Russia. He’s much more interested in showing what a tough guy he is to Putin than solving the greatest problem that a United States president has faced at home in generations.

We are in need of action by the political system and Republicans on Capitol Hill, including the craven Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell understands that this president is not capable of being a fit president of the United States. And it is time, as happened in the Nixon presidency, what happened in the Nixon presidency? A group of Republicans led by the great conservative Barry Goldwater and by the minority leader of the House and by the republican leadership marched to the White House and said to Richard Nixon, you are unfit to remain in office, you must leave the presidency, and we will no longer support you. Something similar has got to happen in some kind of conscience rendering by Republicans to save us and to save lives in this country.

I wouldn’t hold your breath, Carl.

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