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White House Appears Posed to Attempt to Block Release of Bolton Book in Coming Days

Things could get downright testy in the coming days.

John Bolton has become an unlikely folk hero among the Democrats, and the reason why is fairly pathetic.

You see, in Democratic circles these days, (and political circles in general), there is no room for compromise.  There is no grey area.  You are either on Team R or Team D, and holding an opinion that straddles the line makes you a de facto traitor to both.

It truly is a silly way to look at the complex issues that a free society faces, but it’s also the least offensive or worrisome part of the year 2020 and so we’re just going with it at this point.

This is why former national security adviser John Bolton is such a strange anomaly.  You see, he is threatening this week to release a book that would likely paint the Trump White House in a less than stellar light, which has “the resistance” foaming at the mouth.  They’ll take any sort of anti-Trump table scraps they can get.

But, (and this is a big but), Bolton wasn’t willing to testify in front of Congress back in November without being subpoenaed, and chose to write this book instead.  Some of the more thoughtful leftists are still furious with him over this reluctance, and are only cheering on the publication of his book as a consolation prize.  They see Bolton as greedy in this regard.

If the White House gets their way, the Democrats will be left with nothing from Bolton, however.

President Donald Trump said Monday that his former national security adviser, John Bolton, could face a “criminal problem” if he doesn’t halt plans to publish a new book that describes scattershot, sometimes dangerous, decision-making by a president focused only on getting re-elected.

Trump said it would be up to Attorney General William Barr to issue any charges, but hinted that the matter would end up in court. “We’ll see what happens. They’re in court — or they’ll soon be in court,” Trump said about the book, set to be released early next week.

At the heart of the matter is the fact that Bolton’s book has yet to complete the pre-publication approvals necessitated by the White House, and is believed to contain classified information.

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