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White House at war with itself over Iran as Trump gets tough with Pentagon

It’s Trump versus “The Mustache”, according to reports from deep within the DC Swamp today.

When it comes to middle eastern affairs, there is almost always a great deal of tension, but now there also seems to be some confusion.

Perhaps we shouldn’t expect a completely dysfunctional DC to suddenly dive into discipline the moment that Tehran begins rattling their sabers, but that in and of itself is a shame.

Iran’s latest escalation in the region comes as American warships are parked within striking distance, and as Israel claims that there’s evidence that the Persian nation was working toward a strike of US interests.

Now, however, it seems as though the White House itself is divided over how best to proceed, with the President trying his best to avoid a conflict.

President Trump has told his acting defense secretary, Patrick Shanahan, that he does not want to go to war with Iran, according to several administration officials, in a message to his hawkish aides that an intensifying American pressure campaign against the clerical-led government in Tehran must not escalate into open conflict.

Mr. Trump’s statement, during a Wednesday morning meeting in the Situation Room, came during a briefing on the rising tensions with Iran. American intelligence has indicated that Iran has placed missiles on small boats in the Persian Gulf, prompting fears that Tehran may strike at United States troops and assets or those of its allies.

The President has denied the infighting, but reports out of Washington show that he has been at odds with longtime establishment figure John Bolton, who is currently serving as a national security advisor.

Bolton, hilariously enough, has been referred to as “The Mustache” by Iranian leaders.


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