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White House Insider Says Pelosi’s Impeachment Stunt has Backfired

Pelosi rolled the dice with her latest stalling tactic, and at least one Washington staple believes that she may have come up short this go-round.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made history, but not the sort that you often find folks bragging about.

After holding a vote on, and passing, two articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, Pelosi has delayed the transfer of these documents to the Senate.  The idea was that Pelosi would wait until Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell capitulated to her whims regarding the coming trial in the higher chamber, as McConnell cannot proceed without the articles in his possession.

Now, at least one high profile Washington insider believes that Pelosi’s gamble has failed.

Former White House speechwriter Marc Thiessen on Friday laid out how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to withhold from the Senate articles of impeachment against President Trump has backfired.

“Nancy Pelosi has a gun to her own head and is threatening to shoot, and Republicans should say, ‘Make my day,’” Thiessen told “America’s Newsroom.”

Thiessen asserted that Pelosi does not have leverage with Republicans and noted popular support for impeachment has declined.

“The Democrats are delaying in the name of fairness,” Thiessen said.

Thiessen went on to say, “That argument gets weaker every week that goes by that the articles haven’t impeached because, if you want unfairness, how about accusing the president of high crimes and misdemeanors and denying him a trial to defend himself.”

Pelosi’s maneuver certainly gives the Republican Party ample opportunity to berate the impeachment processes being undertaken by the Democrats, particularly after House Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff repeatedly refused the requests of the GOP during the first weeks of congressional testimony on the subject.


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