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White House ‘Not Going to Forget’ China’s Culpability in Virus Crisis

For weeks now, there have been murmurs and rumors about just what China knew and when they knew it in regard to COVID-19.

Once the deadly virus hit Europe it devastated portions of Spain and Italy, and this revealed that the data China was sharing with the rest of the world was completely fraudulent.  Beijing had downplayed the severity of the virus, leaving the rest of the unsuspecting world underprepared for the hell to come.

Whether or not this was a nefarious or negligent move by China has yet to be determined, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the White House isn’t going to let this slide.

Take it from deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley:

As such, during his Monday appearance on Breitbart News Daily, Gidley told [Host Alex] Marlow that the president does intend to hold China accountable for its actions, but he did not provide specific planned actions yet.

“I can tell you the president–how that’s going to look and how that’s going to manifest I’m not going to get into on this show,” Gidley said. “But the president knows what’s going on here. He wants to make sure the American people are safe. He wants to make sure we can still work with nations. But the world knows now what we have been saying is fact, and China is culpable in this, and they weren’t giving us the good information. If you’re going to defeat a virus, if you’re going to defeat a plague, if you’re going to defeat pandemics, the best way to do that and the easiest way is with information and data. If there’s a country not sharing that information and that data with the world, it becomes much more difficult to get out ahead of this and to develop vaccines, to mitigate, to know how to contact trace where things have come from. Honestly, I think that even though the media at large doesn’t like the president being tough on China, even other countries now are pointing to the fact that they weren’t being truthful with the world, and that’s a serious problem for them, and that’s something we’re not going to forget.”

Several US lawmakers have already begun to consider the possibility that China would pay reparations to the rest of the world on account of their alleged coverup.

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