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White House’s background check proposal making the rounds on Capitol Hill

Cue the National Rifle Association in 3…2…1…

As the nation continues to grieve for the families affected by a recent spate of mass shootings in the US, legislators on Capitol Hill are grappling with how best to move forward regarding the Second Amendment.

The far left would love to see the right to bear arms wholly eliminated, lock, stock, and barrel, (pun certainly intended).  Some more moderate democrats would simply like to propose a ban on so-called “assault” rifles.

In either case, however, there are zero Constitutional avenues available for such change.  Our nation’s founding document is very clear on this:  The right to bear arms shall not be infringed.

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Still, the democrats work to erode the Second Amendment through little pieces of legislation here and there.  Their latest attempts have been marked by forays into “red flag laws”, universal background checks, and even mandatory buybacks.

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The White House has been somewhat amenable on those first two options, with news circulating on Wednesday night that the Executive Branch was shopping some ideas around.

The White House is circulating a one-page document on Capitol Hill detailing a possible gun background-check proposal – though Attorney General Bill Barr said President Trumphas not yet made a “firm decision” on what he ultimately will support.

Fox News has obtained the document, which the Justice Department had drafted. It came six weeks after a pair of U.S. mass shootings killed more than 30 people.

Background checks already have been required for all firearm transfers, but the one-pager called for implementing a new requirement for all advertised commercial sales, including at gun shows.

Barr and White House legislative affairs director Eric Ueland met with Senate Republicans on Tuesday to talk about a path forward.

Barr told reporters on Capitol Hill they were having “robust discussions” about new gun measures with lawmakers.

How this news will be received by the National Rifle Association has yet to be seen.

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