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White House’s Obstinance Could Send Congressional Subpoenas to SCOTUS

It’s The White House versus Congress in a showdown between equal branches of government…and the only ones losing are We The People.

Just days ago, Americans were given their first, and perhaps final look into the 400+ pages of the Robert Mueller report on the 2016 election, and boy, do we have some questions.

The report, which indicates no culpability of the President in regard to the question of “collusion”, (which is really just “conspiracy”), it leaves open the door for congressional action on the charges of obstruction.  This much is clear, as it has been expressly stated by Robert Mueller himself in the report.

What we’re seeing now is a whole lot of spin from the mainstream media as to how exactly the nation will proceed.

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On the right, the President and his followers are over it.  Trump himself told reporters today that it was time to move on, urging democratic lawmakers to return to their regularly scheduled agenda.

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For their part, the democrats have begun digging deeper than ever into the affairs of this administration, with impeachment still looming in the minds of the party’s fringe characters.  In this fact-finding mission, lawmakers have issued several subpoenas for information form the Trump organization…something that the White House is none too fond of.

As House Democrats ramp up their post-Mueller investigations into President Donald Trump, his strategy for responding is simple: Resist on every legal front. The administration is straining to hold off congressional investigators, including their efforts to obtain the president’s tax returns, his business’ financial records and testimony from former senior aides.

“We’re fighting all the subpoenas,” Trump declared on Wednesday. And if House members go all the way and try to impeach him, he said he would “head to the Supreme Court” for help.

How exactly the Supreme Court would be involved is still up for debate.

The President continued.

“I thought after two years we’d be finished with it. No, now the House goes and starts subpoenaing,” Trump told reporters on the White House lawn, asserting the probes have been commissioned solely for political advantage.

“Look, these aren’t, like, impartial people,” he said. “The Democrats are trying to win 2020.”

For all the President’s goading, however, there are no doubts that several White House staffers are secretly concerned…especially given that Congress is a co-equal branch of government.

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