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Whoopi presses on with ‘concentration camp’ ruse, citing ‘fake’ camps used by Nazis in WWII


Let’s say that you broke your leg, severely, and could never walk without pain again.  And, let’s also say, that you have a friend who constantly compares his stubbed toes to your condition.  How offensive would that be?

Now let’s take that analogy and ramp it up by orders of magnitude….and then some.

That’s the situation in the United States today as celebrities and inexperienced lawmakers attempt to make a comparison between the migrant detention centers used to house those who’ve entered America illegally, and the horrific and unfathomable terrors of the Nazi concentration camps of World War II.

The idea that these are similar, in any way, is offensive – at the very least.  In all likelihood, this is a form of reverse, (or at least sideways), hate speech that offends and repulses anyone with any inkling of an idea of what’s being insinuated.  To say that these facilities are akin to concentration camps is unacceptable, inexcusable, and very likely anti-semitic.

Still, the left presses this perception day in and day out, as part of their “resist at all costs” ethos.

Now, one host on The View is attempting to paint these centers as “deceptions”, hiding the real concentration camps somewhere else.

Following President Trump‘s war of words with House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings, D-Md., about conditions on the southern border Sunday, “The View” host Whoopi Goldberg boldly compared the detention facilities to a fake Nazi concentration camp set up to dupe the Red Cross during World War II.

“Cummings had a good reason to say that there was a problem,” she said Monday. “World War II started in 1939. From 1941-1945 tens of thousands of Jews were kept in Nazi labor camps. There was a camp … when the Red Cross was invited to inspect the camp in 1944, the Nazis hid the fact of what they were doing.

“And so they built a fake camp. And it was kind of like, no, everything’s fine here. Everybody was eating. People were walking around singing and stuff.”

Goldberg continued to hammer the administration and said more politicians need to visit border detention facilities as a bipartisan bloc to finally establish a consensus on the actual conditions and avoid being fooled by fake optics.

Whoopi, along with a slew of other “resistance” figures who have condemned this enforcement of our border laws, are setting a dangerous precedent of perception that belittles the plight of those affected by The Holocaust, and has desensitized the entire nation to what truly occurred some 70 years ago in Europe.

If we aren’t able to shake this smothering falsehood, future generations will have little understanding of the horrors of World War II, allowing a similar genocidal maniac to try again in the future.


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