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Wikileaks Wants to Publish Full Mueller Report…But Needs $1M to Do It

The enormity of the impact that the internet has had on our lives may never truly be understood…at least not in our lifetimes.

Changes to society that are on the scale fo the internet don’t come around often in history, and it will take some chronological distance for the human race to fully grasp what has become of us.  We are, in many ways, functionally omniscient now that we have a portal to the intent sitting around in our pockets.  There are no longer any excuses for not knowing something, and that is profound.

This societal and cultural change also came on in the matter of years, not decades or centuries, adding to the quandary of trying to find some historic perspective.

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Now, in an ode to what the internet’s power truly is, Wikileaks is looking to raise $1 million in order to get their hands on the full, unreacted report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Of course, Wikileaks is already blamed by many democrats for the loss suffered by Hillary Clinton in 2016 after damning emails regarding her corrupt campaign were released through the website.

What these people fail to realize, however, is that Wikileaks was just doing the job that Clinton’s campaign overseers couldn’t, or wouldn’t.  The public release of this information was crucial in allowing the American people to make an informed decision at the ballot box, and the democratic anger over Wikileaks’ involvement is wholly misguided.

The democratic party is upset because they were caught, not because Hillary was rigging the primary elections as her suddenly-public emails showed.

Now, in the case of the Mueller report, it wouldn’t surprise anyone to find some blue-backed bills in the Wikileaks coffers.

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