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With IG Report on Horizon, Schiff Aims to Expedite Impeachment Argument

Schiff can practically feel the IG report breathing down his neck.

Adam Schiff fell into quite the trap last week, and few in Washington or the mainstream media are willing to admit it.

The House Intelligence Committee Chairman who dragged the nation through two weeks of public impeachment hearings aimed at reversing the results of the 2016 election, believed that his timing was good, nay, righteous, and that the Democrats would slowly meander toward drafting articles of impeachment sometime before the beginning of the year.

This would allow the left to gauge public interest in moving forward with impeachment after Americans have had time to reflect with their families.

But, thanks to an announcement regarding the Department of Justice Investigator General’s report on the FISA warrant maelstrom that dominates the “SpyGate” story, Schiff has been thrown back into a tizzy.

The chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee said on Monday committees conducting the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump would be sending their report to the Judiciary committee shortly after Congress returns to Washington next week.

In a letter to fellow members of Congress, Representative Adam Schiff wrote, “this is an urgent matter that cannot wait if we are to protect the nation’s security and the integrity of our elections.”

This urgency comes after Senator Lindsey Graham announced that the IG report will be released on December 9th, with all indications being the the report will detail an ugly, underhanded abuse of power by individuals within the Obama administration in their attempts to “spy” on the Trump 2016 campaign.

The release of this raucous report will undoubtedly have an effect on public opinion, specifically as it pertains to the idea that this impeachment “inquiry” is just an extension of the “resistance” that bore the SpyGate FISA scandal in the first place.

The IG report will provide more evidence of the Deep State, and push Americans into a corner; do they fight with Trump against those who wish for the DC status quo of corruption, or do they stand with Trump against the federal government’s consistently filthy tactics?

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