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World on Edge as Iran Suffers Nuclear Sabotage

This is troubling…

When it comes to keeping the globe from erupting into some sort of global, apocalyptic meltdown, there are a few very specific locales that seem to be holding this whole house of cards together.

Today, in the still-innocent onset of 2021, Iran happens to be the most worrisome adversary that the world can see.  If we’re being honest,, like honest honest, it’s Russia, but we’re also not trying to have a target on our back, now are we?

So, Iran it is.

This is a nation that had completely stepped around the global nuclear accords that had been created for them, and who had turned a bitt aggressive after Donald Trump’s administration made a big to-do about the whole thing.

Over the weekend, one of the Persian nation’s most sensitive nuclear sites went offline, and that might not be as innocuous as it seems.

Iran on Sunday described a blackout at its underground Natanz atomic facility an act of “nuclear terrorism,” raising regional tensions as world powers and Tehran continue to negotiate over its tattered nuclear deal.

Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, stopped short of directly blaming anyone for the incident. Details remained few about what happened early Sunday morning at the facility, which initially was described as a blackout caused by the electrical grid feeding the site.

Many Israeli media outlets offered the same assessment that a cyberattack darkened Natanz and damaged a facility that is home to sensitive centrifuges. While the reports offered no sourcing for the evaluation, Israeli media maintains a close relationship with the country’s military and intelligence agencies.

If Israel caused the blackout, it further heightens tensions between the two nations, already engaged in a shadow conflict across the wider Middle East.

The language that had already erupted wasn’t in any way reassuring.

“To thwart the goals of this terrorist movement, the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue to seriously improve nuclear technology on the one hand and to lift oppressive sanctions on the other hand,” Salehi said, according state TV.

He added: “While condemning this desperate move, the Islamic Republic of Iran emphasizes the need for a confrontation by the international bodies and the (International Atomic Energy Agency) against this nuclear terrorism.”

The issues of Iran’s nuclear program has been ongoing for over a decade, with several American administrations having jostled the situation back and forth in recent years.

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