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WSJ Insinuates Americans on Cusp of Major Internal Conflict

The infotainment industry is pushing us toward Civil War for the sake of reaping profits from the coverage, and that is simply unacceptable.

Is a New Civil War right around the corner?  The mainstream media seems to think so.

For years, we’ve been watching the infotainment industry divide us for profit.  We have CNN and MSNBC on the left, Fox News on the right, but with one common denominator:  Corporate advertising.  Those who watch CNN are in one demographic, and those who watch Fox News are in another – both viable to the massively wealthy and insanely greedy global corporations who want nothing but salacious and outrageous “news” to be aired.

After all, that’s how they keep us watching through the commercial breaks.

So it’s no surprise that beating the drums of a New Civil War has become a bit blasé in 2019, despite the horrific consequences of such banter.

Even Peggy Noonan of the esteemed Wall Street Journal fell into the schtick, writing in her recent opinion piece:

It is just such an air of extremeness on the field now, and it reflects a larger sense of societal alienation. We have the fierce teamism of the lonely, who find fellowship in their online fighting group and will say anything for its approval. There are the angry who find relief in politics because they can funnel their rage there, into that external thing, instead of examining closer and more uncomfortable causes. There are the people who cannot consider God and religion and have to put that energy somewhere.

America isn’t making fewer of the lonely, angry and unaffiliated, it’s making more every day.

So I am worried, which is the point of this piece. The war between Trump and not-Trump will continue, will not be resolved, will get meaner. One side will win and one side will lose and the nation will go on, changed.

Is it self-indulgent to note that this grieves me? I suppose it is. But it grieves me.

This dire end to her diatribe is shocking, certainly, but also a bit divisive in and of itself, thanks to Noonan’s insistence on using “Trump” and “not-Trump” to divide our nation.  Even the terms “left” and right” do no properly explain the situation that we truly find ourselves in.

No, Americans today are divided down lines of class in ways not seen before, and it’s all thanks to those same corporate media monsters who force our “news” channels to exaggerate and infuriate us all.  These greed-mongers also walk the halls of Capitol Hill, of course, lobbying for few restrictions on their pillaging of We The People, all while our “public servants” get rich off of the corporate kickbacks.

We are not divided down lines of “Trump” and “not-Trump”; we are divided between the meat and the fat.

What the fat forgets is that, while decadent as all get-out, the meat is what moves the entire animal.

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